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Full Version: 【Invitation】Join Yealink Test Club
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【Invitation】Join Yealink Test Club - Elaine_Yealink

Yealink Test Club has been officially announced. We are delighted to invite you to join Yealink Test Club to test new products and new firmware.

This Test Club aims to provide more stable and easy-to-use products and firmware for our customers. We are seeking for dedicate candidates with rich VoIP experience and strong interest in Yealink products. Please fill in the Information Form and apply to be an exclusive member of the Club.

The test process goes in this way:

Candidate applies to join->Yealink evaluates candidate’s information->Yealink approves and then assigns testing task-> Candidate tests and submits report within 2 weeks->Yealink provides solution according to test report.

Duties of the Club member:
1.Test the new product/ new big firmware version and submit the test reports in 2 weeks
2.Should promise that all the items are tested conscientiously
3.Help to provide the debugging materials and assistance if any issues are found during the test

Privileges of the Club member:
1.Get new product and firmware roadmap and information in advance
2.Experience new features in advance
3.Get top priority in technical support

We are now publishing tesking tasks for following new products and version. Come and join us:
1. New Dect phone W53P (W60B+W53H)
2. New WiFi dongle WF50, which supports both 2.4G and 5G WiFi
3. New T56/T58 V83 firmware, with features that:
A:Corded-Cordless Phone: Support to carry handsets with DD10K connected.T58V+DD10k work as a base and T58V itself is one of the handset. In this mode, T58V works at DECT and SIP dual system. This is a rehearsal for future new phones, please test and list your feature request which V83 currently lack of.
B:Mobile handset: based on point 1, if there is only one handset connected to T58V, the handset can work as a mobile handset for T58V.
C:Acoustic Shield: This feature helps to eliminate the surrounded noise and only pick up the users' voice during a call.
D:Google Contact: support to login google account to sync the google contacts to phone.
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