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Full Version: 【Announcement】Yealink products are NOT affected by the Meltdown/Spectre attacks
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【Announcement】Yealink products are NOT affected by the Meltdown/Spectre attacks - Aishion_Yealink

Dear customers,

Yealink hereby announces that all Yealink products are NOT affected by the Meltdown/Spectre attacks, so there is no need for action in that regard.

1. All Yealink products use the chipset based on Arm-designed processor, but none of them are impacted by this “Meltdown/Spectre” CPU security issue.
You can check the list of the affected Arm-designed processors in the ARM official website at the following link:

The Arm-designed Processors Affected by Meltdown/Spectre

2. The Yealink products running Linux, including T2 series, T4 series, T5 series, DECT IP phone, Conference Phone, VCS series (except T58, T56 and CP960) are all designed with the closed-end structure that the 3rd-party programs are totally not allowed to be installed and run, ensuring the perfect system security.

3. The Yealink products running Android, including T58, T56 and CP960 are a kind of smart device specially customized and designed for enterprise. At the very beginning, for security concerns, we have encrypted the phone system and deeply customized the kernel-memory locations by encrypting, packaging and closing unnecessary interfaces, so that any programs are not permitted to read data from other programs by any means.
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