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Full Version: 【Announcement】New MAC address segment
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【Announcement】New MAC address segment - Lucia_Yealink

Yealink has used MAC address segment which begins with the OUI 001565 for all the phone models, as the available number of the MAC address within this segment is running out, Yealink has initiated a new MAC address segment starts with 805EC0XXXXXX since September in 2017, while W52 BASE and T49 will keep using 001565 MAC address segment.

Yealink has done the survey before the change and there is no need to worry as it won’t cause any problem.

In some rare cases that few customers’ network/Auto provision servers/PBX might have configured the OUI 001565 as the identifier for Yealink models, please also add the new OUI 805EC0 as the identifier for Yealink, if you have such kind of settings.

Please contact Yealink technical support if any question.
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