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Full Version: 【Announcement】Release of V73 Official Firmware
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【Announcement】Release of V73 Official Firmware - James_Yealink

Official Release of V73 Firmware

publish date:2015-1-2

Hello All,

Yealink has released V73 Official Firmware.
All of available firmware and related specification can be got from Documents and Downloads zone.

Documents and Downloads zone

Note: 1. The release of V73 don't contain T19/T21. The two model will skip to V80 firmware. We won't add too much new feature in V80 but mainly do some improvement which can't be inlcluded in V73 in time. So the peroid from V73 to V80 won't be so long as it from V72 to V73.
2. The release don't contain T3x.

Happy New Year!
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